Name Arena Day Passes (Oct 2023-March 2024) Venue Recreational Programming
Price $8.70 + $1.30 HST = $10.00
* User fees of 2.75% + $0.25 will be applied
Date October 15, 2023
Capacity 3 / 100 Time 09:45am - 10:00am
Day Passes: Passes can be used anytime the ice is not being rented. Each pass is valid for one ice session during available ice time. Day Pass holders must be 18 years old + and must adhere to the Richmond Arena membership agreement rules. ull hockey gear is required for all day pass holders. For questions or inquiries please call 902-226-0663.

Basic Information

Ticket Holder Signature:

Signature of ticket holder indicates the understanding and acknowledgement of the applicable arena rules (located below). Failure to comply with the rules will result in immediate loss of day pass with no refund.

Richmond Arena Day Pass Waiver

Please note that the following clause is a release of liability, a waiver of claims, on assumption of the risk and indemnity. By signing this document (on the previous page), you will waive certain legal rights including the right to sue. Please read it carefully.

The day pass holder hereby releases and waives any and all claims or actions against the Municipality of the County of Richmond of any loss, damage, or injury to person or property which may arise by reason of, in relation or incidental to this ice usage.

The day pass holder further agrees and undertakes to identify and save harmless the Municipality from any claim or action brought by any person having access to or use of the Richmond Arena by reason of this ice usage for any loss, damage, or injury to person or property arising or related to that access or use.

The day pass holder acknowledges that the release, waiver and indemnification, includes the Municipality of the County of Richmond, its councilors, officers, employees and agents.

General Rules:

The following rules are part of the ice rental agreement and are posted at the Richmond Arena. These rules and others also apply to the day pass holder:

1) That no object or individuals be on the ice when the ice resurfacer is working on the ice surface.
2) That individuals shall not nail, hook, screws, tack, staple or tape any items on to any part of the building, fixtures or equipment contained therein, which includes walls, brick, floor, ceiling, tables or flooring of the Arena. Replacement or repair for any and all damages will be the responsibility of the member.
3) Should the renter cause damage to the facility the Director of Recreation Community Development or designate will notify the member within forty-eight (48) of the occurrence.
4) The Renter and/or his/her/its agent shall be responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons using the facility occupied by the Renter.
5) There will be NO smoking/vaping and NO drinking of alcoholic beverages in the facility. Please note that this is a non-smoking/vaping facility as per Non-Smoking By-Law #55. Failure to comply with these policies will result in the immediate cancellation of membership.
6) The Renter must be at least 18 years of age.
7) Children 12 years of age and under and not permitted in the Arena without adult supervision.
8) All skaters must wear full CSA approved hockey equipment when on the ice. Bicycle helmets are not permitted.
9) Pets are not permitted in the building, with the exception of service animals (proof of certification may be required).
10) Any physical or verbal abuse towards other arena users or Municipal staff will result in removal from the facility.
11) A day pass holder must present their day pass holder ticket to arena staff before stepping on the ice.
12) Day pass holders will respect dressing rooms, placing trash and recyclables in appropriate receptacles.
13) Day pass holders will leave the ice if requested by Arena staff. This includes, but is not limited to leaving the ice prior to rental for ice resurfacing.
14) Ice resurfacing will be done at the discretion of arena staff.
15) Day pass holders will report any misconduct from other membership/day pass holders holders and non-membership holders to area staff (including non-members on ice during membership hours).
16) Day pass holder acknowledge and understand that membership ice-time is based on availability. It is possible that on occasion, the online calendar may not reflect real-time or accurate availability and day pass holders will not be able to use the ice if a last-minute rental has occurred or if the facility/ice requires down-time for maintenance.

Total: $10.53

Attention: Please note all fees paid by credit card will display as BAM Richmond, BC on your credit card statement. Please contact the recreation department at (902) 226-0663 if you have any questions.

Credit Card